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Meeting room

Heikki ja Hattu Meeting Roomissa

Meeting Room Manager

Your Meeting Room manager is Kurt Linderoos or Mr. Personal EU

Twitter: @personaleu

Ideas about using the space

  • Room for 25, 12 around the table
  • Big nice table, good lighting, nice colours
  • "Takapirupaneeli"
  • Group actions, timetable, when, what
  • Guidance, how to find
  • Projector & presentations
  • Dark room good for cinema & videoconf presentations
  • Short movies, telepresence
  • Drop in/ Drop out
  • Visions are created

Discuss & brainstorm

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Nice place for videconferencing and telepresence
oniitamo oniitamo   (24.04.2011 08:11)

aka 'Google room' because of the colourful chairs...
oniitamo oniitamo   (24.04.2011 08:11)